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Pasyal Japan Day 2: More of Tokyo

Day 1 Part 1
Day 1 Part 2

Day 2: July 5, 2016

This day was dedicated for exploring Shibuya area, Diver City and Ueno Zoo.

Shibuya muna. We went there via train, as always. I love Japan's transport system. Very efficient. 

Picture taking with Hachiko, May pila para lang makapagpa-picture with Hachiko. Who is Hachiko? Here.

Afterwhich, we crossed all pedestrians at the Shibuya crossing. That crossing is indeed very busy! That's one best place to people watch. Malilito ka na sa dami talaga ng tumatawid hehehe. We stayed there for about 30 minutes. Tawid lang kami ng tawid. At picture picture. 

We checked out the Disney store. So many beautiful things for kids! Pero syempre mahal hahaha. Plus, yung totoo kasi, hindi ko talaga kilala lahat ng Disney characters. Walang TV sa bundok at di ko sila nakilala nung bata ako. By the time I heard about them, parang I was too old na to become too attached to these characters. Kaya rin pala wala sa itinerary namin ang Tokyo Disneyland and/or Disney Sea. Saka na lang if may kids na ako hehehe.

We also planned to have breakfast at Hello Kitty Cafe but the Shibuya branch has already closed huhu. The very helpful concierge in one of the malls told us that there is one in Diver City so we decided to just go there. Diver City is like BGC. It's a newly developed area. Ganda! There's a wide open space that's leveled maybe with the 2nd floor of the buildings. You can stroll that area and is also the gateway to some of the buildings. Below it? The usual busy street. Aliw. May Statue of Liberty rin sa area.

When we got to Hello Kitty in Diver City Mall, nagulat kami sa sobrang liit nung space. No space to eat. Basta bibili ka lang ng maliliit na bread (not sure what it's called) na may design ng Hello Kitty. We ordered na lang ice cream with the hello kitty bread. Green tea flavor syempre para masulit hahaha. So yun lang ang ipinunta namin don. Hahaha!

From Hello Kitty, we passed by Calbee+. It sells potato chips in different flavors. Since nabitin kami sa Hello Kitty, at tinawag kasi ako nung potato chips with Royce chocolate, sige na pinagbigyan na namin si Calbee+ hehehe. We shared a seat with a stranger. She also wanted to taste my order so she offered to swap 1 of her fries with one of my chips. Go! Syempre gusto ko rin. Imagine tasting 3 flavors in just 1 seating. I told her to get some more pero nahiya ata at pinanindigang isa lang ang kailangan nyang matikman hehehe.

Syempre breakfast pa lang yung sa Hello Kitty. We had lunch at the food court. I ordered ramen at one of the restaurants. I forgot the name. Mahaba kasi pila so pumila na rin ako. Masarap naman. Ang daming serving so sulit ang bayad.

From Diver City, we went straight to Ueno Park. Since late na kami nagstart that day and since medyo ine-enjoy namin ang stay in each place na pinupuntahan namin, di na namin naabutan ung ticketing office ng zoo. Di tuloy namin nakita ang panda :(. Pero di bale na. Naglibot na lang kami sa park. We were able to check out Toshogu Shrine since ito na lang ata ang bukas pa at the time we were there. In looking at some sites now, parang mas exciting pala don during cherry blossoms. Next time. The park's is really huge. Di na namin na-cover lahat since kulang sa oras. I guess at least one day should be spent here if you want to explore the whole park since there are still a lot of temples and museums inside. 

I love their parks. Full of trees, well-maintained and so wide and spacious. Ang sarap maglakad-lakad.

After Ueno Park, we dropped by Starbucks to grab some snacks and to rest a little. Nagsusumigaw na sa sakit ang mga paa namin at this point. We went home after for a much needed rest.


The sidewalk has a lane for bikers.

Picture taking with Hachiko

Panoramic shot of the Shibuya crossing

Disney Store

Panoramic shot of Diver City. Below this wide open space are the roads. 

Statue of Liberty in Tokyo

Look at the details of the signage. So creative.

Ito talaga yung dinayo namin sa Diver City eh. Tapos ito ang aabutan namin...

We ended up buying this. Desert muna...

Then lunch hahaha. This is the only time I ate ramen. Ang dami nung serving. Sobrang nakakabusog.

In one of the entrances to Ueno Park. Close na ang zoo :p

Toshogu Shrine. Daming tao. Di man lang ako nakatyempo to get a shot without people.

Omizuya (Water Purification Building). Those are used to wash your hands and rinse your mouth. There is an instruction about proper washing and rinsing.

Wishes are written in these small blocks of wood.

Stone pillars

To be continued...

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Blogger edelweiza said...

Nice pic with the famous Hachiko! Sarap nung matcha soft-serve, waaaaah... ;)

7/19/2016 11:12:00 AM  
Blogger Mylene said...

Ang sarap ng everything matcha! But wait, there's more! Hahaha! May Hello Kitty inspired shop na rin sa SM The Block! Nung sinabi ko sa friend kong kasama ko rin sa Japan, aba pinuntahan agad agad! Kapitbahay lang kasi hehe. And then dami ko ring nakikitang ads sa Vikings ngayon na puro matcha flavored everything! What's up with that? Hehehe.

7/21/2016 10:50:00 PM  

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